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Do You Deal with Issues Frequently?

11/28/2014 Back To Blog

How often do you deal with an overhead door refusing to open? Are you in the garage fixing parts every other weekend? It's one thing spending some time every few weeks to check garage door parts and do some maintenance tasks and it's another story dealing with true problems. If you are having many problems with your door, something is seriously wrong. It might not be one specific issue but several ones but this will just make matters worse. It will basically mean that your garage door is not safe or practical. If you spend two hours every weekend on garage door repairs and use the door twice the day, the rate is not normal. Something is wrong and you must find it.


Take control over your problems

Do You Deal with Issues Frequently?


The condition of garage doors is subject to many factors. A family that opens and closes the door ten times a day will need to take care of the system more often from a bachelor guy using the door once a day. It will also depend on the weather conditions, the materials you have chosen and whether the door is old. In any case, having problems is not good. It's not only a waste of time but also an inconvenience. It's annoying to find that you cannot open the roll up garage door every other day. Above all, problems won't only make your life difficult but also unsafe. Problems will become tragedies if the door falls on your head one day.
When there are many problems, there are probably many mistakes. So, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Have you chosen the right garage door repair parts?
  • Are you sure the door is maintained properly?
  • Is your opener old or defective?
  • Are there rusty components, which haven't been changed yet?
  • Are there missing fasteners?
  • Are all parts well lubricated, repaired and tightened?


Somewhere between these questions are your answers. Garage doors do not reverse unless there is a reverse system problem. Doors don't bind unless the tracks are installed improperly. Doors don't fall if the springs are in good condition. Think about your problems and find your answers before it's too late!

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