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Find out more about home maintenance. Read these selected FAQs for garage door repair.

What color must I choose for my garage door?

There are fabulous colors these days and in fact there are great ecological ones. You can combine your favorite shade with a powder coat, which will save another tree in the nearby park. If you are tired of the neutral colors, you can choose intense ones, which will make your property distinguishable. Remember to do garage door maintenance beforehand because it won't look good to have a freshly painted garage door, which cannot open.

Why does my garage door moves slower?

Garage doors, which move in a slower pace than before, indicate a problem with the garage door cable. Loose cables may cause the slowing down of the movement due to their inability to perform their task properly and must be repaired. There is also a small chance garage door springs are responsible, too. That would happen in case they have lost their flexibility and require lubrication maintenance and possible garage door repairs.

Why should I choose steel garage doors?

Steel garage doors are excellent but all materials have their pros and cons according to Garage Door Repair Rowland Heights. Steel doors are popular because they can be cleaned, painted and maintained easily and they are extremely strong. It's best though to choose galvanized steel to refrain from dealing with rust after some years.

Will insulating my garage door be a difficult process?

Fortunately not – insulating a garage door is rather easy provided you have the right tools. Garage door experts over at Rowland Heights however, recommend that you ask help from friends or family during the service (barring the children). It can be a tedious process if attempted alone.

Is it okay to replace just one spring?

No. Springs must always be replaced in pairs, according to garage door experts in Rowland Heights. Otherwise, your door may be imbalanced. Both cables and springs must be replaced in matching pairs. It must also be understood that these parts are subjected to high tension and are unsafe to be tampered with.

When should I replace the hinges on my garage door?

The garage door hinges are a vital part of the setup. They handle a lot of pressure, can rust and come loose over years of strain. It is important to replace or fix them as soon as you see they are weakening, as leaving them to fail completely can have dangerous consequences.

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