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Garage Door Maintenance

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The garage door is a vital component of a house which requires appropriate maintenance to keep it serviceable. Our motto is ‘Prevention is better than cure’, the rule applies similarly to this vital part of any property. We possess expertise in managing garage door maintenance and adjustment. Regular maintenance lubrication assists us to serve our customers for their optimum satisfaction. The extensive array of our services comprises providing customized solutions as per the client requirement.

Garage Door Maintenance 24/7 Services

The garage doors are made from metal or wood components. Generally metallic doors last longer than wooden ones. The metallic doors involve higher investment compared to the wooden garage doors. Wood needs repainting to save it from adverse weather conditions like sunlight and rain.  A curved surface restricts the way the door moves in up and down directions and creates inequilibrium in the door operating mechanism. The longevity of metallic doors is higher but requires repainting to maintain them rust free. An efficient garage door enhances the property value and adds an great look to the house.


Rowland Heights is located in the San Gabriel valley in California.

We have created a garage door servicing company that can help you fix, repair and maintain your garage door the best way possible. We have gathered a team of professionals who truly know how to deal with every single type of garage door out there and we can make sure that everything about your own door is 100% functional and in great state. Our prices are more than affordable and our team can provide emergency services too so there’s absolutely no reason not to call for our help. Contact us today and allow us to fix your garage door!


Lubrication at regular intervals to the moving parts enhances the longevity of this garage door operating system. Usual oiling of garage door parts lessens the erosion. Usual lubrication at regular intervals decreases erosion and checks the wearing losses for protection.


Tightening the screws and bolts on a regular basis service which is vital as the vibration and movement of heavy object garage door may be the cause of loosening of the screws. Standby batteries should be made available in case of low power. Batteries with low power lead to unsatisfactory performance of door operating system and it should be make sure that no storage item blocks the way. The sensor eyes of door operating system should not be obstructed so that the moving parts can operate generously. Any block restricts normal reception of remote signal leading to inadequate performance.


Organic materials like dirt, cobwebs and leaves get delayed during the year. The organic materials if it gets caught up in springs and pulleys, result in jam. Such incidents are common in case of presence of   vegetation in the vicinity. A scheduled maintenance should be carried out to make certain that the door components execute perfectly. Such usual wearing actions plus lack of regular maintenance speed ups the erosion process as well as leads to huge economic losses and inconvenience. From time to time in addition to those above losses, the owner has to experience psychological stress in such unpleasant situations.


Our expertise in handling the troubleshooting related to garage door opener has added new dimensions to our premium service facility. The customization of garage door installations to suit the requirement and the budget of all customers has helped us serve our customers with optimum satisfaction. The installation is performed with proper attention to all the precise factors taking into consideration all the functions and requirements. Our service centre serves our customers throughout the year to bring some smile on their face.


Our  user friendly customer care at your service to provide you with information on garage door maintenance, adjustment and lubrication services. Please call us on 6265389185 to allow us to introduce our services on garage door maintenance, adjustment and lubrication and provide us with an opportunity to serve you.

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