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Why Safety Features Are Necessary for Garage Doors

09/12/2013 Back To Blog

If you ever need to replace an existing garage door, make sure that the new door you get has safety features. You can find various types of garage doors in any garage door company in Rowland Heights. You can choose the one that fits your preferences but you have to make sure that the unit you get has an automatic reverse function. Likewise, it should include a manual release mechanism. A motion detection sensor would also be preferable, although it is not an essential feature for a commercial or residential garage door.


Why an Automatic Reverse Mechanism Is Needed


Doors for garages are typically heavy. Hence, if something gets stuck along the garage door tracks or the door itself as it closes or opens, an accident is bound to happen. An automatic reverse function stops the door from further closing or opening if it hits something that causes a significant amount of counteracting force. This counteracting force can be caused by a finger that is stuck on the tracks or a pet that is about to be crushed by a closing door. This is a very important feature to prevent kids and pets from getting hurt.


Why a Manual Release Mechanism is Necessary


A manual release mechanism makes it possible for the garage's door to be opened or closed without relying on the garage door opener. This involves a handle that should be easy to reach to disconnect or disengage the door from the components responsible for closing it. It is important to know how to use this mechanism to properly deal with emergency situations like power outages and malfunctions.


Why Motion Detection Could Be Useful


Motion detection sensors are useful in preventing the door of the garage from opening when an object is detected on the pathway. The obstructing object may cause accidents as the car hits it. Similarly, if the obstructing object happens to be a child or a pet, the motion detection sensor can properly alert the person driving a car about the object on the pathway.


Both the automatic reverse function and manual release mechanism are essential to a garage door. Some states even have laws that require the manufacturers to include these features. Before buying, you have to look for these safety features. They are not only intended for your own safety. They also prevent or mitigate accidents.

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